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Plan V was originally created by Eleanor O’Brien as a solo show, "Plan V:The Joyful Cult of Pussy Worship.  The idea grew out of her show, "How to Really, Really? Really Love a Woman", which took place “10 years in the future” and occurred after the “Great Awakening.”  During the pandemic Eleanor created a zoom-based show called "The Cult of Cunnilingus", which invited people to share their pussy joys and pussy griefs, and play games that generated new language for genitals.  It was the combination of these two shows that eventually became Plan V.  

At every performance, audience members would ask if Plan V was “an actual thing.”  There was a hunger for a meet-up like this - where sexuality can be spoken of openly, the experience of being female and having a vagina is revered, and men are welcomed as allies. The desire to see this “great awakening” come to fruition was nearly universal.  So Eleanor began by hosting Plan V Meet-ups on zoom, followed by in-person meet-ups in Fresno, Ca and Puna, Hi.  During her time at Hawaii Eco Retreat (HER) she developed the facilitators handbook and the Plan V website, and began experimenting with meeting formats.


Plan V:The Movement continues to grow and evolve independent of Plan V:The Show, but they complement and inform each other.  While it is not necessary to have seen the show to participate in the movement, it can be a helpful primer. 

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