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Individual Acts of Activism

Here at Plan V - we don’t just talk about joy, we don’t just revel in pleasure - we use our delight as fuel for the future we want to live into.  We use our pleasure, and our privilege, to power our actions, and pursue a more peaceful, pleasurable world we know is possible.  


On our Discord channel, our members share their own acts of pleasure activism to give you some ideas of how they are putting their beliefs into action. 


You are invited to brag!  Tell us how you brought more pleasure into the world - for yourself or others. THIS is how our work spreads.

Help collect and build the Resource Pages

The first Plan V Cohort gathered for 5 weeks in the Fall of 2023. It was a wonderful success. 

New cohorts are forming. Get on the mailing list to be apprised of opportunities for you to take part.

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