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Pussy is Life

Pussy is where we all come from. Pussy is a source of pleasure. Pussy is also an energy. We all contain the feminine. We were all born with the power of pussy within us. For much of the past several thousand years, people with pussies have been subjugated to “lesser than” status. Women, non-binary, female identified people have been expected to give their resource, the organ responsible for life as we know it, or have it taken from them. Give sex, give birth, give in. This pleasure center has been compromised and co-opted, shamed and oppressed by the patriarchy, by capitalism, and by male-dominated religions worldwide. Pussy is Life acknowledges the enormous role our sex organ plays in lives, and seeks to recast the pussy as vital to our self-knowledge, pleasure, and inner wisdom. Far from being a source of shame, PUSSY is a source of strength. Listening to what she wants, honoring her desire, and celebrating her great capacity is at the heart of Plan V.


Pleasure is a Gift

We live in a society that encourages Adrenalin and Cortisol production. Stress and fear. Our bodies operate optimally when we have a reserve the feel good chemicals of ocytocin, serotonin and dopamine. Pleasure, especially touch and sexual connection, help encourage the flow of these chemicals. One of the greatest gifts we have as humans is the ability to FEEL. To experience. This fecundamental is a direct contradiction of the messages that sex is sinful, that wanting pleasure is wrong, that it’s ok to manipulate others to get what you want. When we offer pleasure to others or ourselves, it is a sacred gift we give. Our bodies are the greatest source of pleasure we can experience. Through the stimulation of our senses, we have been given a gift. Pleasure generates dopamine, ocytocin, serotonin and other feel good chemicals. These chemicals help sooth and support optimal brain functioning. Not something you can own or expect Something we can offer other people Pleasure as a drive to activism - the more satisfied and content we are, the more we can make change in our world (is that true?) Pleasure has long been derided as a luxury, an afterthought, a reward. Plan V believes that pleasure is a gift we can give ourselves and one another, and that it is a vital part of being human.

Body Sovereignty

Nearly all cultures of the world, previous to our patriarchal theocracies, have female goddesses. Remember to listen to the body, and to TRUST your own somatic wisdom. That is where DIVINITY lies. One of the most destructive elements of our culture is the idea that anyone owes anyone the use of their body. At Plan V, we believe strongly in consent, and that no one has access to your body without it. This includes anyone growing inside you. Our bodies are our greatest resource, for only when inhabiting our bodies can we feel pleasure, contentment, touch, effort. We look to the body for information, confirmation and self-knowledge. At Plan V, we believe that each and every human owns the rights to what happens to their body. This includes touch from others, pregnancy, vaccination, and the right to take your own life.


None Greater Than, None Less

We are here to resist heirarchy, exclusion and othering. We lean into UNITY. Plan V seeks to emphasize connection, co-creation, and collaboration. We seek to minimize antagonism, and look for ways to cooperate. We live in a world that seems to love polarity, where dividing people into camps fuels engagement. Plan V takes the opposite approach. We seek to emphasize connection, co-creation, and collaboration. We seek to minimize antagonism, and look for ways to cooperate.

Beginners Mind

We start from a place of curiosity, acknowledging there is so much we don’t know. As in Pussy, so in Life. Letting go of the need to be right. Inviting questions. Allowing the organization to change and grow and evolve. We are constantly learning, growing and evolving. We are not stuck in dogma or doctrine. There is no right way to worship. There is no correct experience of Goddess. The words we use and the ways we express will continue to change. We are here to be curious about what is helpful, what is nourishing, what leads to more and better connections. We give the benefit of the doubt. We call in, we teach, we share, we include. We make the charitable assumption. “Every pussy is unique, and every time is new.”

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