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Pussy as the portal of life, a source of pleasure, and a symbol of the Divine Feminine. 


on the scientific discoveries made about the female genital complex (aka Pussy), the historical perspective on Pussy, the emotional needs of Pussy, the erotic power of Pussy, and the potential that is possible when centering Pussy. 


our culture from the strangehold of patriarchal religion and conservative Pussy shaming, sex-negativity, and misinformation.

Plan V is a movement to restore reverence for Sacred Pussy.  We gather to share stories, experience, wisdom,  information, and to celebrate the beauty and power of Pussy.  We welcome both Pussy havers and Pussy lovers.  We all come from Pussy.  It is not necessary to have a Pussy in order to worship Pussy.  ​ Pussy refers both to the anatomical structures of the female genitals (vulva, vagina, clitorus, cervix, uterus) as well as the creative life force energy that inhabits all beings (Pussy energy), and the spiritual experience of the divine feminine - such as Gaia, Pacha Mama, Mother Earth (which is why we say Pussy is life!)​ Our mission is to create a world where Pussy is honored and respected, and Her power is nurtured and protected.   We aim to educate about the complexities of female anatomy, and the potential for pleasure that Pussy contains.  We help Pussy havers work through trauma, both personal and generational.  We help pussy lovers learn how to worship effectively - both through hands-on application and spiritual practices.   The heart of Plan V is gathering and sharing stories.  We talk Pussy!  Plan V meetings are an opportunity to share stories of Pussy Joys, Pussy Griefs/Gripes and learn from one another.  These meetings are both gender specific (we do have pussy-haver only meetings) and some that are open to all persuasions.  We hold classes and workshop that give pussy havers and pussy lovers a chance to share their questions, experiences, and grow in their capacity to worship Pussy (their own and/or another’s).There classes include lessons on the latest in Pussy anatomy, as well as techniques for effectively worshipping Pussy,  As you know -  Pussy can be mysterious!  We help explorers discover the vast landscape of Pussy possibility. ​ We hold pop-up parties that  give participants the chance to simply celebrate!  We make art that honors Pussy, we eat Pussy cakes, we dance to Pussy inspired music, and sometimes - we pleasure the  Pussies in attendance!  ​ Pussy Temple include the sacred opportunity to worship Pussy in person.  These are created for those who have been through the Pussy Portal, and are ready for the next level.  The purpose of Plan V is to create community around a shared reverence for female sexuality, share resources and knowledge, liberate joy and eradicate shame.   We gather both in person and online, to build our web, and to share our stories.  We offer one another resources and empathy. We gather to encourage our collective courage, and support one another’s growth. We gather to make a difference.    While we make space for trauma and grief, we are committed to creating a sense of possibility and permission for all humans (vulva and penis havers alike).  We use the power of storytelling, playing games, making art and a focus on joy to guide our gatherings. We seek out the latest information available and bring our knowledge of human anatomy and sexuality, both personally experienced and cultivated, to share with our community.    We spend time at the end of meetings discussing the concept of Pleasure Activism, and how we can support each other’s projects, both individually and as a collective. ​ We believe in the Power of Pussy, and we proselytize for her deserved respect and celebration.



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