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You are invited to join an alternate reality, a world in which Vulva is revered, pleasure is prioritized, and sex is medicine. Plan V is here to spread the gospel of Sacred Yoni, and the power of female pleasure. Embracing both the ancient history of Goddess Worship and the new mythology of Big Pussy Energy, Plan V includes everyone in its slippery folds. 


From the first Fecundamental (Pussy is LIFE!), worshiping at the altar takes on a whole new meaning. Body Sovereignty is prioritized, and consent is Queen. Plan V is all about making the world a safer, more pleasurable place for humans with vaginas, as well as those who love them. PUSSY-LED, all genders welcome. 

Plan V is an antidote to patriarchy, a push for pleasure activism, 

and the medicine we need for the times we’re in. 

Eleanor O’Brien launched Plan V as a solo show, playing Mama V, the Mae West like leader of the “feminist sex cult”, as well as all the characters that show up for a Plan V gathering. She has gone on to create an online version, as well as an ensemble production. Now she is creating Plan V:The (actual) Movement. As the artistic director of the theater company Dance Naked Creative, she has been called a  “sex-positive superstar” by the Willamette Week and “a visionary” by Oregon Arts Watch.  A veteran of sex-positive storytelling (Her recent tour to the Edinburgh Fringe led Fest Magazine to describe Plan V as “Entirely joyful and captivating”)

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Eleanor O’Brien is a visionary: the leader of a movement, a prophet of her own religion. 

- Bobby Bermea Oregon Arts Watch 

It's funny, empowering, and just slightly terrifying all at once...highly recommended.

-Broadway World

O’Brien’s confessional exhibitionism has become an artform and a style of performance that is highly original — and unmistakably unique to her and her alone. - Jae Carlsson Oregon Arts Watch 

 A really handy sex-organ seminar, as well as an absolute hoot…the best lecture you've never had. 

- Fest Mag

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